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Masonite is one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior doors for residential and architectural use in US.

They are constantly  reinventing their products, refining designs and finding ways for their doors to provide solutions and fit for your lifestyle. Masonite doors are not just simple slabs–they’re a staple for every structure, a conduit for productivity, a layer of security, and so much more.

Masonite creates doors for residential, hospitality, healthcare, education and office buildings and we are very proud to be their authorized dealer in North Jersey.

Interior Doors

Solid Core Doors — A Sound Decision

Designed to give homeowners more control over the sounds in their home, Masonite’s solid core doors create peaceful workplaces, private sanctuaries or any other quiet environment that fits their needs. Featuring better durability and sound reduction, these solid core doors have the heft and feel of a wood door.

Solutions for Function & Style:

  • Dampens sound to create uninterrupted spaces within the home
  • Provides durability that withstands the stress of real life
  • Available in on-trend designs to complement a wide range of home styles

A Comprehensive Selection of Door Styles

Modern Style

Modernize your home with doors featuring clean, crisp lines, industrial accents and bold pop color.

Transitional Style

Create a completely unique environment with doors that blend modern and transitional design elements.

Craftsman Style

Add warmth and comfort with doors featuring artisan details, from finely crafted wood to patterned glass.

Classic Style

Complement the timeless appeal of classic homes with iconic features like traditional panel doors.

High-Quality Homes Deserve High Quality Interior Doors

Your interior doors should reflect the value of the homes you build. Establish a new standard with Masonite solid core doors – stylish and durable solution and the ultimate sound business decision.

Make Solid Core the Standard

Masonite solid core doors help to manage sound and improve durability throughout the home, with a higher quality that can result in fewer callbacks. That’s better for homeowners and better for your business.

The Best Places for Solid Core

With 70% more sound-dampening material than our standard hollow core doors, Masonite solid core interior doors ensure noise control and privacy throughout the home. No matter the home design or budget, you can make solid core doors the standard.


Masonite has revolutionized the molder interior door market with the introduction of the Livingston door. The Livingston door offers the look of custom without the higher price tag and longer lead time of many custom wood or MDF doors. We can all agree that custom wood and MDF interior doors are stunning, but for some projects the cost does not make them feasible. Tired of the traditional 6-panel, 4-panel, or 2-panel molded interior doors, today’s design-savvy homeowners are hungry for a molded door that complements their lifestyle and reflects their unique style. The new Masonite Livingston door bridges the gap between typical and custom by offering on-trend style that can be delivered quickly and within budget.

Resources of Masonite

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