Versatile luxury vinyl flooring can provide a permanent or a temporary design update, for any room of the house. Interlocking pieces can be floated across the floor rather than glued and they will stay solidly locked into place until pieces are removed or damaged. Luxury vinyl planks can be installed on a new floor, a cleared floor pad, or over clean and solid existing floors – wood, tile, or stone – as an update. Some LVP can even be used as wallcovering to create durable, decorative accent walls.


Our engineered flooring is constructed using multi-layer eucalyptus plywood and 9/16” European White Oak. Each board is 7.5” wide. We offer two prefinished collections, meaning you don’t have to sand or finish anything on-site.

With prefinished flooring, you get all of the advantages of the factory-applied extra-durable surface seal, plus the look, beauty, and feel of natural hardwood. At the same time, you always have the option of sanding down past the factory-applied coat to reveal the natural wood. Wood can then be treated with any of the basic on-site finishing techniques. Installation methods of it are the same as natural hardwood.


Anything but ordinary! We’re all about the details. Partnering with some of the Europe’s leading tile manufacturers from Spain, Italy and Portugal, we are bridging the gap between luxury spaces and finishes that wow.

We are driving a new age of tiles, where unparalleled quality standards meet remarkable designs. Striking the ultimate balance between cutting-edge creations and a sense of timelessness, we are showcasing the future of tiles.

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